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I have a question for you.

Would you run a marathon without having prepared for it? Of course not! You would spend many weeks preparing by eating properly, running a particular regimen, doing appropriate stretches, and so on. Well in the same vein, labor is something like a marathon. It is very hard WORK!  Labor isn't something which should be entered into without adequate preparation. There are so many ways to prepare for this big event: eating properly, training your mindset, learning the physiology of labor, and staying physically fit, among other things. One service I offer to help you prepare for your upcoming labor is a Labor Simulation exercise. 

Who can take the Labor Simulation?

Expectant parents in the third trimester are the best candidates for this class. I recommend taking the class between 32 and 36 weeks.

What is the Labor Simulation?

The Labor Simulation is a 4 hour class designed to help you understand


  • The anatomy and physiology of labor from pre-labor to birth

  • Tips and comfort techniques for coping with all stages of labor

  • How you can best navigate the waters of labor together

  • The timing of labor, for example, what contractions 60 seconds long and 3 minutes apart really feels like in time

  • How to use the space around you to help your labor along


Why Is It Helpful?
The Labor Simulation is designed for the purpose of


  • Going into your birth prepared to work together with your partner as a team

  • Reinforcing your knowledge of the birthing process, thereby reducing your fears

  • Filling you with confidence in your ability to birth your baby naturally

**This class is especially helpful if you have not taken a childbirth education class**

How is the Labor Simulation Done?

Instruction will be

  • A combination of verbal instruction with the use of visuals such as charts and models

  • Question and answer

  • A 20 minute video to help you see the many ways normal labor can look and sound

  • A hands-on, active, simulated labor exercise using a DVD which simulates "contractions" (via a noise) over a two hour period, during which you will practice breathing, massage, different positions, comfort techniques, vocalization, affirmation, and so on. The "contractions" get longer, stronger (louder) and closer together over the 2 hours. 

  • Although the actual "simulation" itself it two hours, the extra instruction you will receive makes this a four hour class.

Where Is It Done?

Labor Simulation, when done as a private class, would ideally be done in your home, but I am open to using mine as well. When done as a group class, it will be at the specified location on the flyer.

How Much Does It Cost?


A private Labor Simulation class is $200

A group Labor Simulation class is $150

How Do I Sign Up?

Email me at or call me at 540-533-8692 and we can schedule a Labor Simulation!

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